Recovering From Holiday Spending

Your bellies are full, the decorations are down, there are new toys and gadgets scattered about the house, and…. your wallet is hurting. The holidays are a fun, relaxing time, but checking back into reality after the New Year can be a little overwhelming.  But don’t fret! There are many ways to recover from holiday spending. 1.       Don’t Ignore Bills- When bills look daunting, the easy thing to do is just push them aside until you save up enough to pay them off. But, this is dangerous. The longer you wait to make a payment the more fees you will… Read More »Recovering From Holiday Spending

Buying Your First Car

Buying a car for the first time can be a daunting process. Probably one you’ve dreamed about for a long time, imagining the sporty, new ride that you’d be proud to drive around. At least, that was the dream before finances, loans and expenses got in the way. So before making what is likely the first major purchase of your adult life, here are a few important tips to remember: 1.     Establish Credit Being without credit leaves you in the same position as a person with bad credit; this is why it is essential to establish that credit before making any… Read More »Buying Your First Car