Wedding on a Budget

There are multiple ways you can save money while planning the wedding of your dreams, believe it or not. With these tips, you can save money on everything from the invitations to the dress without sacrificing elegance and beauty.
1.     Invitations
The cheapest way to go about invites is to print from your own printer, that way you don’t have to bother with  unnecessary costs. Check our Pinterest for cute and easy homemade invitation how-tos. A second way to save money when dealing with invitations is to ask guests to reply by email or telephone, which will help you save money on postage, especially, if you have a larger guest list.

  2.     The Venue
Next comes the venue. It’s most common for weddings to occur on the weekend, mainly Saturday. However, when on a budget, it is ideal to book your wedding on a weeknight or even a Sunday. On that note, having the ceremony as well as the reception at the same place will also save you money.

  3.     The Reception
The reception is another place you can save extraordinary amounts of money on a variety of things. The centerpieces and party favors can be a DIY (Do It Yourself) project.  Not only is that a fun project to do with your bridal party, but again saves tons of money. Check out Pinterest for these great DIYs as well. Catering, food, and drinks are other areas of the reception that can be costly. Having a buffet as opposed to a sit-down meal and a limit on the open bar can be significant money saving options.

4.     The Dress
Now, we know the most important factor (to the brides at least) is the wedding gown. Shopping for a wedding gown with an open mind is key, especially if you want to save money. While it is appropriate to have the type of dress and detail in mind, the bride must be willing to explore her options. Consider various designers, limit the wedding dress details, check out wedding dresses online, and be sure to look everywhere, including department store and vintage shops.

Although this doesn’t cover all of the areas of a wedding, these tips are perfect starters to planning a wedding on a budget.